…and the pain begins…

IMG_0984How many of you have said: It will never happen to me!!!!

Pain is like a flu…you go to bed on Monday feeling fine, just to wake up the very next day and ouch it’s there…where the hell this pain came from, who sent it to me? What did I do? Oh I know, probably I slept on the same side all night…too much stress maybe? My boss, yes it was him that caused it so much pressure…really?

To me it was one morning out of the blue, got up, and this “alien” pain (yes I named it) pinching sensation on my left shoulder… thought I put to much pressure during my sleep, it will go away soon, oh and Advil will do, always does. A month went by, 30 days, 720 hours of pain.
Now ‘alien” is an acute pain, like a hundred needles inserted all at the same time. Excruciating pain, you get it.

But like magic, I wake up day 31 or 32 not to sure, alien pain is gone from my left shoulder…just to start on my RIGHT shoulder. Seriously?
An ordeal begins, what to do? It’s time to take this to the next level. Hello! You are thinking: Go to the doctor, why did you wait 30 plus days??? I don’t know, I am healthy, it will get better, I am an optimist?
I wish I remember exactly how many and what kind of doctors I went to see, how many different opinions, all sorts of treatments, even a couple of remedies my grandma would have suggested. Was I scared? Confused? I think more in disbelief that nothing was working, nothing worked. My fear really started when almost a year went by and I didn’t know what was wrong. Yes my friends 365 days or more went by…
Alien is now on shoulders, toes, and wrists, base of my neck…I know this is serious now. But how serious?