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Following a crisis caused by overproduction, the industry began seeking alternatives to using agave as the raw material solely for Tequila production. Following research and development, production plants for other agave-derived goods such as agave syrup, were soon designed and constructed. The first commercial efforts were made in October 2001. Nekutli began manufacturing organic agave syrup in 2002.
In 2005, Nekutli initiated biotechnology research and development to obtain two agave-derived soluble organic fibres, later trademarked Metlos® and Metlin®. The manufacturing plant was completed in 2008 and commercial production began the same year. Nekutli now has 10 years experience exporting bulk and bottled agave syrup and now has over 4 years experience exporting Metlos® and Metlin® in bulk.

Social Responsibility
Nekutli is a Mexican company formed by farmers and indigenous peoples who share the values of fair trade and organic farming. Operating within a scheme of social and solidarity economy, Nekutli fosters a more equitable income distribution, resulting in the reduction of social inequalities to generate education and social welfare in the lower income groups in Mexico.
Nekutli’s partner organizations represent more than 800 farmers in the state of Jalisco and 214 indigenous ÑhaÑhu, of whom 144 are women from the state of Hidalgo. Nekutli is an independent, democratic and non-discriminatory organization.

Functional Foods
Nekutli’s products are enriched with the organic soluble fibres Metlin® and Metlos®, as well as with Probiotics, providing a significant amount of soluble fibre as part of the daily intake recommended by health authorities. In addition, Nekutli’s products promote the following health benefits:

Weight Control Immune System Strength Healthy Digestive Organs Strong Bones

This new line of functional foods, marketed under the brand Vivente Functional Tasty Food®, includes the following products: organic sweeteners, food supplements, chocolates, salad dressings, dry cereal, ice cream, popsicles and jams.
In order to satisfy the most demanding palate, in addition to being delicious, Nekutli’s products are also: Low-Calorie, Low Glycemic Index, Vegan, Gluten-free, Free of Genetically Modified Organisms, No sugar added, Kosher, and suitable for the entire family, especially for diabetics.

Eat Vancouver our platform for launching!!!!

Eat Vancouver our platform for launching!!!!.

EAT! Vancouver is a Consumer Show that delivers solid results:

The only Consumer Food + Cooking Festival in Vancouver where exhibitors can interact directly with their target audience; sample, taste-test and discuss their products and services and receive instant feedback from potential customers. EAT! Vancouver is an ideal setting for launching or testing the market with a new product and is also a great opportunity to collect data and it is the perfect venue to create consumer awareness for products.