My new life In Bilbao

The intended content is to provide adventurers entrepreneurs a vision of successfully moving to Europe from happy 17+years in Canada 🇨🇦. Or any other place in the 🌎

  1. What to do
  2. What not to do
  3. How to do it
  4. Why I did it
  5. Why you should or could
  6. New life new challenges
  7. The truth of making it here!
  8. It all starts with a dream
  9. From dream to project, to goal to do list and to reality!
  10. And here we are… so the story begins!

A dream and how to make it a reality!


This list will be your to go! Número uno to follow!

Think of everything and anything for this list ⚖️💰🍷💃🎉🙏🏻😇🤨🧐🤓🤔😴✍️💪🏼🗣🧠👨‍💻👩🏻‍💻🎒🌂🐾🌏☀️🌦❄️💧🧘🏻‍♀️🎼🎟🎯🎯🎯✈️🛬🚘⛽️🏠🏝🕍⛩🌇🛤🌇📲⌚️🔌🔋⌛️⌛️⌛️⏳⏰💵💳💰💸💴💶💷🔧💳🛠💈🛒🛍🛋📭📬📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦💌📈🗳🗂🗂🗂🗄📆📆📆📆📆📈📉🗒🗓📚📖☯️🕉🏧💲💭💭🇨🇦🇪🇸

I am dead serious! Everyone, everything and anything on this list will make you succeed!

If you are on this path write or leave me a comment of what would your first 5 to do would be on your list! Remember this 5 maybe the most important ones!

So! Prioritize






New insights, core values and must win battles LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY

Excellence is attainable when you try your hardest again and again.

How to become better? Better leader, how to be a better and happier employee a happier and better person? How can work be “happier?’ In todays economy and in motion innovative world? Who haven’t sat at a steering committee meeting? Or a Sales meeting or a weekly let’s review our KPI’s meeting? I have, and I am sure if you are reading this you to have felt the pain! Usually what happens is always the same, one person or leader, or your boss takes has the microphone  90% of the time, and you…well you listen, you take notes and it’s decided that the meeting is over when all agree that is what great and things will happen! There are meetings were things get decided, don’t take me wrong, but were YOU part of the decision making? was your point of view considered? I bet you that again 90% of the time the new product development, the new strategic plan, the NEW idea gets run by you, but not always decided as a group.  You are valuable to your company, but I can warranty that you had much more to say, much more to share and maybe yours was the tipping point that could help your company get to the next level. Happier people are believe to be those who feel a part of something important. But why do I say or know all of this, because I was that person. That passionate individual that truly believed that mission statement, that put 100% into my job. And still saw many companies that did not succeed. And by success; I don’t mean they don’t reach their sales quotas, but those organizations where everyone shares their core values, their insights, where everyone commits! Extracting core values is the NEW CODE! Bringing strategic methods to be “that organization” that everyone talks about. A company that succeeds and where everyone works better, their focused, motivated and where the channels of communication not only exist but persist! That all can change, what I call MUST WIN BATTLES, might be called many different things depending on the industry you are. But when you bring people together and they are exposed to LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY, trust me; MWB become an realistic strategic plan on its own way, where everyone participates 100% of the time in real time and decision making becomes a shared decision, where everyone has a voice and together accomplish the unthinkable! We call it HAR FUN! Creating 3D models and leveling the play field.

The purpose of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is to maximize the full potential, insight, confidence and commitment of all the people around the table.

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What is the big fuzz about hydration??? H2O  is ON!!! But water alone is not enough!!!

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I travel quite a bit, I sweat quite a bit, I even practice and teach Bikram Yoga, I am originally from Mexico, I did kayaking professionally for many years and then became a black Belt in Karate. Let’s say this; I know a thing or two about sweating.  Dont’ t take me wrong I love it 😓😘 sweating I say is fat crying :). 

These days you see almost every single person around the globe carrying a bottle of water, either In their hand or purse or hanging from their backpacks. I see more and more people switching their cup of joe for H2O.  And this is revolutionary, it’s great news , it’s healthy, it’s progress…but reality is that water alone is not enough. Did you know that the simple act of talking dehydrates you? Not to mention walking, running to catch the bus, or running after your kids, stress dyhadrates you, and then we can talk for hours on how to maintain your body hydrated when you exercise, you don’t have to be a 20k race walker to watch your hydration. A body that is properly hydrated is the one that besides water, a healthy diet and regular exercise; replenishes minerals and makes sure their are taking all of the essentials vitamins. Electrolytes will help your body work properly, your organs, your systems even your brain function, sleep cycles not to mention the amount of calories we consume, thinking we are hungry when we are really just thirsty. When we exercise or train our muscles recover faster when hydrated, cramping won’t or will rarely occur if hydrated. Bottom line is that me and millions of people searched for the perfect portable, healthy and good tasting hydration system. I found it 4 years ago. It’s call NUUN, yes it sounds like afternoon. Trust me this tablets that disolve in water and come in post recycle tubes taste fabulous! They are a bit fizzy first which means they are fast absorb by your blood stream and they come in more that 15 flavours. I love them! #nuunhydration saved me. Not that I want t sell you this product….I could I work for NUUN, it was a little bit of luck and the vision of my good friend Kim W, that I ended selling this amazing hydration system. But the bottom line is that understanding the importance of staying hydrated is as important as what you eat, how you exercise and the results you will get from them. 

All for today.
Your hydration guru

80/20 Breathing? What’s that?

You breath you live !

Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford

“You can learn to observe healthier breathing patterns while you are doing yoga postures;

then you can carry the refined habits over into your daily life.” -Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

For Half Moon and many of the back-bending postures, we use 80/20 breathing.

Inhale 100 percent and hold the breath just for a moment. As you move into the posture, begin 80/20 breathing, inhaling and exhaling only 20 percent of your lung capacity on each breath, keeping 80 percent in your lungs.

Generally, inhaling as much as you can–and then using 80/20 breathing– is an excellent chest exercise any time you do backbends (whether standing or belly-down). It works well in any posture in which it is natural to thrust the chest out.

The lungs are amazing. Sadly, they  are also often underappreciated and under-used.

When fully expanded, the lungs can hold 1.5 gallons of air.  In total, the lungs…

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If you practice Bikram Yoga that are some inevitable SHOULDS…

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If you practice Bikram Yoga that are some inevitable should and should not

When you step into that hot room, it should not be relevant who is teaching, who is next or behind you.

You should move around, don’t pick the same spot, don’t bring 2 water bottles, one is enough. You should not bring the extra sweat-wiper towel. Leave your cell phone off and hidden in a deep pocket of your yoga bag in the changing room. You should stop your personal rituals, it is normal we all do, they are special, but not need for them, they are distractions, we are avoiding being ourselves. We are trying to escape.

You should keep coming back.

You should tune in, that is what you are here for.

You should go to that scary place in triangle that you have been avoiding for so long, you should stay in camel pose longer.

You should relax in Savasana.

You should not blame your teacher for trying to help you in the process; she has a job to do. She should help you tune in. Not to fix you; you should fix yourself. Your teachers’ compassion toward you will not be perceived as compassion at all. But she is doing her job; you should allow it.

You should have no distractions, no outside stimuli, no escape, and no choice but to tune in.

In return in a Bikram Yoga class guarantees a better you, a stronger you, it should help you physically, mentally and emotionally to be yourself. If we allow ourselves to get rid of all those road blocks and directly yet slowly face what is really scaring us in class we’re building useful neural pathways that will allow us to do the same when faced with fears and challenges outside of the hot room.

Your yoga teacher,


A non Yoga story…


My yoga journey didn’t start because I had the intention of becoming a “yogi” or had the call to connect with myself or anything spiritual whatsoever, my yoga story started actually in the most physical way imaginable. It was really a 6 words phrase that would forever change my life: “You have an immune disorder disease”. It was in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis; a disease that affects not only bone joints, but also organs in your body, the excruciating pain that I went through for almost 2 years before I was properly diagnosed was the worst period of my entire life. So knowing what was causing the pain as bad as it sounded; it gave me some relief. I was also told that there is no cure.  

What I did with my life from that day on, that is my real yoga story, in pain and with very limited mobility in most of my body, I joined Bikram Yoga. The honest truth is the fact that it was in a heated room got my attention, being from Mexico and leaving in Canada by then for over 5 years and the fact that everyone kept telling my that this yoga was extremely therapeutic was enough to make sign in for a 1 year membership. I had nothing to loose, well a lot of weight from been almost immobile for so long, and the pain was my excuse and my salvation, what an irony right?

It’s in 2007 not to long after joining my very first class, along with the right and proper medical care I decided to become a Yoga Instructor.

I had quite a few medals over my neck like a Panamerican record in Kayaking, a Black Belt in Karate, waterskiing, and dancing professionally among others, that I am sure gave my the motivation to keep on going to keep trying to never give up. And I never did. I decided to swim not sink.

I graduated in beautiful Hawaii in 2007 and have been teaching since then. And loving it!

When I teach I communicate with all of my heart. I put lots of energy into it. I have the capacity as a teacher to lead students in the direction of themselves; I don’t fix people I help them fix themselves. My job is to tell students what to do and how to do it, that shows respect and is honest. Yoga is about precision of intent, just like I did; one class at a time, one posture at a time, just show up, that is sometimes the hardest thing to do. See you in class; can’t wait to help you in your yoga journey and write you story.


Balancing Engagement and Marketing: Cut Clutter and Start Crowd sourcing


Balancing Engagement and Marketing: Cut Clutter and Start Crowd sourcing

The trend for organizations worldwide is to let customers do the talking, and it works! Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than a marketing piece from an organization. So they’re bidding farewell to the days of static brochure-ware websites. From Coca-Cola to the American Institute of Architects, organizations realize that a community of educated and passionate members is an incredible source of trusted, user-generated content and opinions.

The last 10 years have seen an explosion of online outlets for anyone to share their opinions, positive or negative. Organizations can’t filter or ignore the voices, nor should they. Instead, every organization should be planning how they want to galvanize these audiences and bring them together to share and interact.

Listen to Social Channels and Communities

It’s simple: crowd sourcing your content helps customers find you, and in turn become your biggest fans. Organizations are missing out on potential valuable data and opportunities if they’re not actively listening for mentions of their brand—and even competitors’ brands—on social channels and communities. It’s these online community platforms that can help achieve a balance of engagement while still taking advantage of marketing automation systems, all with honest content.

So harness your activity taking place online—whether in the form of positive tweets about your brand or negative tweets about a competitor, blog posts and comments about your latest products or services, or shares/likes on Facebook and other social platforms. Now add that to an existing customer’s record or use it to generate new leads.

Being able to capture all this data about individuals and tie it to their records, then tag that activity for action in the form of customer service or reaching out to a potential sales prospect, is what crowdsourcing is all about and why it’s valuable.

How You Can Use Customers’ Content

As an example, we at Higher Logic love Microsoft Dynamics’ Communities and their story. They decided to combine their corporate and community sites into a single source of information and engagement for their members. Streamlining everything from live events, membership renewals and member-specific discussions, they focused on experience rather than the traditional marketing fluff.

Microsoft Dynamics took advantage of their vocal and active users groups to move away from separate channels—knowledge bases, blogs, documentation, etc.— and implemented a hub, in their case an online community, for customers, prospects and partners to share ideas. They cut the clutter and streamlined their entire online presence.

Customers are on to the outbound marketing tactics, and they see it as a daily rouse. So marketers should move on, as well. If we put customer and marketing content on the same plane (or in Microsoft Dynamics’ case, the same online community), then the long-term benefits will follow. Opinions, discussions, blogs and more become popular collateral, the best SEO content, and what ultimately will improve the organization’s inbound marketing strategy.

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