New insights, core values and must win battles LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY

Excellence is attainable when you try your hardest again and again.

How to become better? Better leader, how to be a better and happier employee a happier and better person? How can work be “happier?’ In todays economy and in motion innovative world? Who haven’t sat at a steering committee meeting? Or a Sales meeting or a weekly let’s review our KPI’s meeting? I have, and I am sure if you are reading this you to have felt the pain! Usually what happens is always the same, one person or leader, or your boss takes has the microphone  90% of the time, and you…well you listen, you take notes and it’s decided that the meeting is over when all agree that is what great and things will happen! There are meetings were things get decided, don’t take me wrong, but were YOU part of the decision making? was your point of view considered? I bet you that again 90% of the time the new product development, the new strategic plan, the NEW idea gets run by you, but not always decided as a group.  You are valuable to your company, but I can warranty that you had much more to say, much more to share and maybe yours was the tipping point that could help your company get to the next level. Happier people are believe to be those who feel a part of something important. But why do I say or know all of this, because I was that person. That passionate individual that truly believed that mission statement, that put 100% into my job. And still saw many companies that did not succeed. And by success; I don’t mean they don’t reach their sales quotas, but those organizations where everyone shares their core values, their insights, where everyone commits! Extracting core values is the NEW CODE! Bringing strategic methods to be “that organization” that everyone talks about. A company that succeeds and where everyone works better, their focused, motivated and where the channels of communication not only exist but persist! That all can change, what I call MUST WIN BATTLES, might be called many different things depending on the industry you are. But when you bring people together and they are exposed to LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY, trust me; MWB become an realistic strategic plan on its own way, where everyone participates 100% of the time in real time and decision making becomes a shared decision, where everyone has a voice and together accomplish the unthinkable! We call it HAR FUN! Creating 3D models and leveling the play field.

The purpose of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is to maximize the full potential, insight, confidence and commitment of all the people around the table.

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