On complecting: Bikram Yoga


photo 1“Complecting” is a new angelstarved series designed to explore the impact different lifestyle choices have on our complexion, and to suggest best practices for each lifestyle choice. I have always been interested in ways to take better care of my skin, and as someone who practices Bikram yoga 3-4 times a week, it makes sense to start the series with Bikram. So I’ve talked to three brilliant, beautiful, and seriously informed women  (and, briefly, one wonderful man) about the issue, and I am here to share their wisdom.

One can find comments all over the internet about the “yoga glow” that emanates from yoga practitioners. I turned to one of my favorite Paris Bikram instructors, Sachiko Yonaha at L’Espace Bikram, for her take on a myth I struggle to embody. Sachiko was a makeup artist for years before going through Bikram training, so her perspective really takes into account two…

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