Triangle Trauma

boof & monk-monk


It’s the pinnacle pose in Bikram’s series, designed to use every muscle in the body: trikonasana, or triangle pose. It comes about 45 minutes into the sequence, right after I’ve built up a sweat and am breathing hard. In my first few weeks of yoga, the instructors corrected my leg positioning (open them up wider!), but then after that first month or so, I just…haven’t done the posture.

Sure, I try, every once in awhile. But to be honest, with my legs spread that far apart, trying to sink down into my pelvis, it feels like I’m going to break in half. The sweat pools make my feet slip, and I fear losing control. So, with the justification of being tired from a long workout so far, and not wanting to hurt myself, I’ve sat out of this pose. For the last 7 months or so. Only trying it sporadically…

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7 Traits of Highly Effective Yoga Teachers

Views from the Podium

It’s unbelievable to me that this fall will mark 9 years from the first time I stepped into a Bikram Yoga class. And I’m very aware as I take the podium day after day how much I remember not only from my first class, but every class in between then and now. There’s not a teacher I can’t recall as each one has left an indelible impression on my practice today. No two classes are alike and each teacher has their own gifts and energy to bring to the 90 minute session that are uniquely their own. Some like to lead a quieter, more meditative class, whereas others are loud and somewhat bawdy in the way they get the masses to move from posture to posture. I’ve had teachers that focus more on the spiritual while others are all about the benefits. There have been instructors that concentrate on the…

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