Correction Connection

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Sometimes it’s so hard to take a correction.  You could swear you have perfect form.  That you’ve listened to exactly what the teacher is instructing you to do and are performing that action to perfection.  That your thigh is contracted, the elbow is in the center of the knee, that the hips are pushed forward…until you realize they are not.

A correction could mean a step back.   It could mean you can no longer kick out in Standing Head to Knee because you finally realize that knee is not locked out or even straight.  Or holding onto Triangle Pose seems impossible because when you take that bigger step you can’t hang onto the form as the feet start to slip.  That you need to hold onto that foot in Tree Pose because you are pushing the hips backward instead of forward to achieve both hands in namaskar and no longer…

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The Nemesis Posture

Views from the Podium

You know what I’m talking about right? That one posture that gets the best of you every time.  It’s the one you like the least, avoid at all costs at first, and causes you the most angst within the confines of your yoga class. It’s a different posture for everyone and if you practice long enough it can suddenly become a posture you used to be friends with, the one you loved the most, until it became a much different relationship.

Nemesis by definition means:  something that a person cannot conquer or achieve; an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.  Sounds like the perfect description for that one posture that seems impossible, that has you question how anyone can actually do that with their body?

And so many times we hear our instructors say to us after one of these grueling and impossible postures, “It’s the…

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