The Method

There is a method to entering, holding and exiting the poses. The first step in any pose is the Central position. During the practice of standing poses the body must be aligned with it’s own axis (Central Position) first and from there the poses are entered. The process is slow, careful and it works best when following straight lines. Once you are aligned and properly secured in the pose you hold it for the right amount of time based on your physical constitution. It can be fron 20 seconds to a minute or more. Make sure to breathe effectively during the pose. When coming out of the pose do it as slow and exact as you went in for best results.


Bikram Photoshoot 014


Yoga is a great discipline that will balance and maintain the proper functioning of all the systems in the body. It especially benefits the brain and nervous system, the engine that runs all the other systems. When your brain and nervous system function properly you will feel good. Your self-esteem will improve and you will want to do better yoga, lose weight and tone your muscles effectively. By Tony Sanchez



During asana practice pay close attention to the alignment of your body, weight distribution, breathing and honesty of your effort. And even though you might feel your postures are not done perfectly, it does not matter. You do not have to become a contortionist over night. In time you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier the positions become once you understand the mechanics and develop more flexibility, strength and balance. It is a good thing to focus on how much better you can do the postures compared to how poorly you did them before you applied the proper techniques. It is very important to compare your practice to yourself from time to time to see progress made.


At the beginning of a serious yoga practice, minimun of 3 times per week and every week from now on your appetite will change and you will get hungrier. That is a good thing! It is best when you eat a variety of fresh, foods including leafy greens. Working hard = big appetite. Yoga will restore all the systems in your body to optimum working order. And in a gradual and even way your body will find the balance that it needs to find it’s natural functioning mechanism. Body fat is not natural, a healthy diet and consistent yoga practice will melt it away in a few months.