Come Fly With Us ~ Bikram Yoga Challenge on Twitter


A few Bikram Tweeters have connected and inspired one another to take part in a 30 Day Challenge throughout September. (Thanks @MissCopsey and @LalaPiggy)

If you’d like to take part in the challenge, simply tag your tweets with #Sep30DC and share your experience. It’s not too late – despite it being Day 2,  make up for lost time with a double… or overlap into the next month.

For me, participating in my studio’s 30 Day Challenge last year was motivation enough to take up a near-daily practice. It was a great way to build discipline and respond to my mind in a different way, especially when it told me, “I don’t feel like doing Asana practice today.”

I think that the Bikram community is what sets this style of yoga apart from so many others. It’s more than a class of 26+2 postures; it’s the joining together of passionate, motivated…

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