September is Arthritis Month

This topic is where everything starts for me…

Daily health tips from the experts at St. Michael's Hospital

  • 4.6 million, or one in six, Canadians aged 15 years and older report having arthritis. By 2031, approximately seven million Canadians (one in five) are expected to have arthritis.
  • Arthritis can strike anyone at anytime, regardless of age, physical condition or ethnic background.

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Come Fly With Us ~ Bikram Yoga Challenge on Twitter


A few Bikram Tweeters have connected and inspired one another to take part in a 30 Day Challenge throughout September. (Thanks @MissCopsey and @LalaPiggy)

If you’d like to take part in the challenge, simply tag your tweets with #Sep30DC and share your experience. It’s not too late – despite it being Day 2,  make up for lost time with a double… or overlap into the next month.

For me, participating in my studio’s 30 Day Challenge last year was motivation enough to take up a near-daily practice. It was a great way to build discipline and respond to my mind in a different way, especially when it told me, “I don’t feel like doing Asana practice today.”

I think that the Bikram community is what sets this style of yoga apart from so many others. It’s more than a class of 26+2 postures; it’s the joining together of passionate, motivated…

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Me vs Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

I have been lucky enough to be in the Bikram studio several days in a row therefore I am seeing a real shift in my practice.  I was feeling like my practice was suffering but yesterday and today I saw some real progress again.  The classes have been full with people and still fairly hot and humid but the last couple of days I was able to breath and relax even in an otherwise stressful situation.  The full classes in the past have stressed me out unless I’m in a regular practice and then they aren’t so stressful.  I think in general Bikram has been a stress reliever for me except for isolated situations where my practice isn’t great and the room is full.

I have 3 more days to hit the Bikram studio and hope that I keep this positive progression with my practice.  I have also backed down…

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Love for the Bikram Process ~ Carol Week #10


I can’t believe it’s week 10 already – and as Carol mentioned in an email to me, “It makes no sense to me where the days go.”

Bikram Yoga makes the present moment felt, no matter how quickly time seems to pass us by. Meditating, folding, bending, and stretching; doing this for ourselves in a 90 minute teacher-led class is such a gift. We’re lucky to have such opportunities.

Here are Carol’s notes for the past week. She’s also participating in the 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge on Twitter (#Sep30DC). You can follow her progress on @bikramyocaz


Monday to Friday notes:

This week a pattern has established itself, I’ve been very stiff – I guess in particular in my hips and lower back. It’s like everything has seized up and I’m not getting even an inch of give. It’s really frustrating and puzzling as it feels like I’m going…

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Bikram Yoga: A time to reflect

As I always say, and this is the foundation of my business, and hopefully my blog….looking for wellbeing…

Tony & Joy

Tony and I will be on our 100th class soon!  Can you believe it!  So now would probably be a good time to recap on several things I’ve mentioned in my Bikram Yoga posts and give you an update on them.

Firstly, the beginning, I noticed several ailments namely, crackling joints and bad skin – guess what?  No more ailments outside of class other than sometimes, I feel like I just need to sleep (probably a symptom of the fact that Tones and I do go to bed at 1am most nights).

Do you remember me mentioning that there was a guy dripping in sweat and I wondered whether or not he poured water on his head?  Well, I’d like to now confirm that he indeed did pour water on his head because I had the pleasure of practising next to him in class and was able to witness…

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